Saturday, April 16, 2011

I got number 2

I'm officially 2o by now.My age and my life decrease as its cannot be topped up like the game that i play now.if i got number 1 before(19),it now changed to number 2(20),which i hate the most.I'm getting older and older,bigger and bigger.I dont understand really why certain peoples like to be an adult when reminiscing all the past is the most beautiful memories ever...

I miss badly my pass,it has completely changed n this is our new destiny...

Lollypop turns into cigarettes,
The innocent ones turn into sluts,
soft drink becomes alcohol,
kisses turn into sex,
remember when getting high meant swinging at the playground?
when protection meant wearing a helmet?
when the worst thing that u could get from boys was cooties?
dad's shoulders were the highest and mum was ur hero?
race issues were about who ran the fastest?
the only drug u knew was cough medicine?
and goodbye only meant until tomorrow?
and yet all we wanted was to grow up fast?

P/S= sori kalau entry kali ni berbahasa inggeris bagi mengelakkan aku mengarut dengan lebih panjang kerana adalah maklum bahawa vocab aku dalam english ni ader limitnyer



Amalina Sulaiman said...

Hahahah!!!! Dah tua ....hhehe ape2 pon sweet 20!

Shahirah Zainol said...

eh eh happy birthday! saya pun laaa :P tapi sy top lagi. 18 hehe :D

ASyraff Ryu said...

thanx LIN and IRa,,,,

apik pehe said...

laaa..besday demo upenyer..hehe..selamat ulang tahun deh..sori lambat wish..

ASyraff Ryu said...

thanx meme terbaik

apik pehe said...

uikk..bakpo terbaik pulok?
da dapat hadiah belom?

ASyraff Ryu said...

dah dapat dah....sajo je kecek lagu tu