Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If you could define it

This year is the first year I have to celebrate Ramadan in oversea and being far away from my family. There is neither Bazar Ramadan, nor hari raya songs at shopping complex which can be heard since the first of puasa (only in Malaysia). Sometimes when my friend post their break-fast menus on facebook, i could feel my saliva ooze out from my mouth. Oh God, that was really mouth-watering.

In addition, performing my fasting month here is not an easy way as we got classes and boundless activities to be done including PVU and for sure stage de prof that I like the most. Nevertheless, we still got time to do tarawih together in a mosque. Frankly speaking, I never imagine myself that we could do iftar and tarawih  together with a Muslim community here that are absolutely supporting without considering our races or our colours.

Let those pictures talk :

 Muslim from everywhere...
compound of mosque Fontine Ecu

 Sunnah...break-fast with dates and some sort of confection(before Solat Maghreb)

 Well prepared...foods and drinks for break-fast (after Solat Maghreb)

Teamworks makes the dream works...our brothers in action

 Ukhwah...inspire you and never makes you give up

Patience ...waiting for their foods 

Students...take this opportunity to make friends

Spice from oriental...Tajine with meat, chorba, baguette and messemen (same as roti canai)

 Delicious...may this ramadhan bring us barakah, Insyaallah

Washing dishes at Mosque...I've never do this in Malaysia

 Relieved...after spending almost a day to prepare this secret recipe

 Bazaar...selling books and cloths

 Searching for calmness...performing their solat until 3 a.m (got pause and tazkirah after every 4 rakaats)

In conjunction of EidulFitri, i would like to wish Selamat HAri RAya Aidilfitri to my family that i miss the most, my friends, and to all malaysian people out there.
Hopefully this blissful month is the greatest Ramadhan u've ever had.

Now,tell me how you define Ramadhan in Malaysia.

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best. .huhu