Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Starting to hate her

i dunno what is the hell is going on here,but since last week all things was going up n down.
She keep on blaming me 4 no reason

This annoying feeling simply written in this masterpiece...

I got sucked here,
Between the four walls,
Underneath the rainbow,
Freezing by the air cond,
trembling and shaking,
Staring at all those annoying things.

Why did she talks a lot,
Without reason,
With fake destination,
Within millions of seconds.

Sometimes she got confused,
Raised her spectacles,
combing her hair with bare hand,
Showing her wrath of nothing,
there a new HADES,

Its time already,
Returning us all the piece of junks,
With red ink all over there,
like always,
correction becoming a friend...
P/s~>Kalau salah sume tunjuk kat aku,,,orang nye salah pun aku gak yang kene....

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